New ! USB Gadget Modes

All variants of the Raspberry Pi Zero feature two Micro-B USB sockets, one that carries no data (“PWR IN”, for powering the Pi) and a second one labeled “USB”. Most Zero users I’ve met find that “USB” port annoying because it requires using a special cable in order to turn it into a regular USB host port.

USB Gadget Modes

Update : Displays

Of all the things you can program, microcontrollers are the least friendly. They have no interface that a human can use. That is regrettable, especially when trying to get some feedback from your code during development. A simple LED connected to an I/O pin can already be used to provide a lot of feedback with very little hardware (and code) but it’s a very limited option. Luckily, there are lots of inexpensive display modules out there than can do a lot more than turn on and off. They do require significantly more code to operate, however. Let me help you with that.