New ! Adding Interface Connectors

Cool as it looks, the OLED display we’ve just installed on our prototyping board is just a display. Microcontrollers (and by extension, this prototyping board) are meant to interface with all sorts of electronics so they can control them. It’s in the name. I’m talking sensors and actuators, for the most part. But also storage devices, radios, and even other microcontrollers.

Adding Interface Connectors

New ! Basic Prototype Board

A module like the Maple Mini has almost no use on its own. It’s really barebones. It needs to be connected to peripheral hardware so it can interact with the world. It’s something I do so often that I’ve developed efficient ways to go from a simple module to a board. This is an example of how to get started. It’s by no means the only way or even the best way, it’s just a way that works really well and saves me time. Your mileage may vary.

Basic Prototype Board

New ! Programming

An STM32 microcontroller is traditionally programmed through its JTAG interface. That interface, when used with actual, works-for-a-living professional development software, will let you flash code into your MCU but also debug with breakpoints and even analyze your code’s variables in real time as it executes. That’s how we roll.