The STM32H745 is pretty much the largest STM32 device as of writing, and it has its own Nucleo board. And of course it’s a Nucleo 144. Goes by the sweet name Nucleo-H745ZI-Q.

This section of my site deals specifically the STM32H745 and how to exploit two of its important features :

  •            Dual-core architecture
  •            Ethernet controller

The Nucleo 144 boards, designed to carry STM32 MCU’s in 144-pin packages, are practical but only to a certain extent. The I/O multiplexing options for those big chips typically result in peripherals with I/O pins scattered all over the board’s expansion connectors. It gets very impractical, very quickly… which is why I designed a custom carrier board :

click for high resolution

I may or may not release the design files for this carrier board in the future. But don’t worry : this is a passive board that’s only rerouting specific Nucleo pins to headers dedicated to specific peripherals. It’s a time-saver as it allows me to build clean, simple cables for specific applications instead of messing around with loose wires.