ST’s STM32 microcontrollers are a very successful implementation of ARM’s Cortex-M family of 32-bit cores. In my opinion, a big part of that success is their ease of use : ST provides low-cost modules and development kits that beat the living crap out of Arduinos, and the software development tools to match. This section covers all sorts of information on how to use them, both in terms of hardware and software. The topic is vast.

This site is as much a personal reference as a tool for sharing knowledge. I make no assumption as to your level of skill and experience in all things computer and electronics related. I also have no intention to dumb down. In order to follow my posts you’ll need to know C and C++, and have at least basic knowledge of digital electronics and the inner workings of microprocessors.

Alternatively, you can also Google anything you’re not sure you understand. STM32’s didn’t exist back when I graduated, where do you think I got my Mad Cortex-M HaXX0R Skillz ?