The Jetson Nano is not as easy to setup as a Raspberry Pi. There isn’t a “NOOBS” SD card you can buy, stick into your Nano and be done. But then again, this ain’t a Raspberry Pi : if you’re playing with a Jetson Nano you obviously intend to work on stuff that’s too hardcore for a Raspberry Pi, and therefore it’s safe to assume you’re not afraid of the command line prompt.

In this section I will essentially detail how to setup a Jetson Nano for the purposes of programming and running machine learning software. This includes computer vision. You can take this whole section as one big recipe or, if you think you know what you’re doing, you can just take the bits you want.

This is a compendium of procedures I’ve found across the internet, and some I’ve come up with myself. I’ll cite sources whenever I remember what they were. The most useful source was the PyImageSearch website.

A word of warning before you get started : even with a top-shelf SD card and a gigabit internet connection it takes an entire day to perform all the steps described in this section. You don’t need to do everything the same day, but if you’re going to, it’s best to start right after breakfast. Also, grab a book or some dumbbells, you’ll need to pass time.