The ESRB is a board I’ve designed to make my life simpler. It could make your life simpler too. Heck, everyone should have an ESRB, then we’d all be happy !

The ESRB in all its glory

ESRB stands for Embedded Systems Research Board. Its primary purpose is to let me work with complex electronic modules without ending-up with a mess of loose wires. It’s good for reliability, maintainability and, of course, for showing off my mad ECAD skillz.

The ESRB is essentially a motherboard that combines an STM32H750 module, a Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA module and a Raspberry Pi 40-pin GPIO connector. The board is designed to directly mount a Raspberry Pi Zero but it will work with any single-board computer that uses the same expansion connector. That includes the nVidia Jetson Nano developer kit.

Because this board wasn’t designed with a specific project in mind, I threw in everything and the kitchen sink. I also brought out as many I/O interfaces as I could without creating any multiplexing conflict. Meaning it’s possible to use all the interfaces exposed by the ESRB at the same time.

There is also a logic analyzer probe socket on the bottom. That would be the kitchen sink I just mentioned.

This section of my website covers the ESRB hardware as well as project development targeting any combination of microcontroller, FPGA and single-board computer.