Update : Creating a Cube Project

So you’ve installed STM32CubeIDE (a.k.a. “Cube” or “the IDE”) and you’ve got a board with an STM32 on it. Time to get coding ! This page about setting up a project : the project itself is unimportant, so we’ll go with blinking an LED. That’s the “Hello World” of the microcontroller world.

Creating a Cube Project

2 thoughts on “Update : Creating a Cube Project

  1. Thank you very much for this tutorial. It was exactly what I needed to help get going with an stm32h750. I previously just use avrgcc toolchain and Geany as the IDE.

    1. Glad I could help, Karl ! I intend to write a lot more about the STM32H750, which I use on larger projects like the ESRB (under “Computers” in the navigation tree) but I never have as much time I’d like. You may want to check back once in a while. Until then, have fun with your projects !

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