New ! Setup

The Jetson Nano is not as easy to setup as a Raspberry Pi. There isn’t a “NOOBS” SD card you can buy, stick into your Nano and be done. But then again, this ain’t a Raspberry Pi : if you’re playing with a Jetson Nano you obviously intend to work on stuff that’s too hardcore for a Raspberry Pi, and therefore it’s safe to assume you’re not afraid of the command line prompt.


New ! Adding Interface Connectors

Cool as it looks, the OLED display we’ve just installed on our prototyping board is just a display. Microcontrollers (and by extension, this prototyping board) are meant to interface with all sorts of electronics so they can control them. It’s in the name. I’m talking sensors and actuators, for the most part. But also storage devices, radios, and even other microcontrollers.

Adding Interface Connectors